Lentek Mosquito Trap



Put your family in a safe haven from the annoying sting of mosquitoes. The revolutionary ceramic catalyst converts propane into carbon dioxide that lures mosquitoes to the Mosquito Trap™. A combination of heat and blue light then draws them closer until the Mosquito Trap™ vacuums them into the capture chamber. The Mosquito Trap™ is on duty 24 hours a day with minimal up-keep. The only unit in the market that is tested for safety by UL laboratories.

OUR PRICE:  $399.99

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•Effectively controls mosquitoes up to a 3/4 acre area
• Sets up quickly and easily
• No toxic fumes or poisons, like other mosquito controls, so it’s safe around food
• 3-4 weeks of continuous operation on a single standard 20lb. tank of propane (tank not included)
• Durable, weatherproof metal construction designed for years of dependable service
• Works 24 hours a day
• Uses only pennies of electricity a day
• No permanent-post mounting or cement needed, so unit can be relocated with relative ease
• Just plug it in and empty the contents from the easy-to-remove capture chamber as needed
• Safe for use around pets and children
• One-year warranty
• UL listed.
• Plugs directly into any grounded AC outlet

>>Eliminate Mosquitoes & Biting Insects without dangerous pesticides, we have selected the best Mosquito traps / killer on the planet. We deliver all around the world.<<


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